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What is BIAB?

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

BIAB, what is it? Why use it? What are the benefits?

BIAB is one of my favourite treatments for my clients but many of you do not know what it actually is. So I thought I would create a handy little go to page that explains all you need to know on this treatment and why I love it so much, enjoy!

What is it really?

BIAB stands for Builder in a Bottle. Many of you will of heard of builder gel, and so imagine that in a handy bottle and you are pretty much there. Builder Gel looks similar to normal gel polish however is slightly thicker in consistency. It is applied to the natural nail and gives it the strength to grow and helps prevent breakage. So if you want strong and long nails but want the advantage of being able to claim them as your own and not "fakes", then BIAB is for you!

When to use it?

BIAB is the regular treatment I use on my own nails. I apply it every 2-3 weeks to keep them looking fresh. Application is very similar to a Gel Manicure, in that it is cured under a UV/Led light. However to get a lovely smooth shape, more precision is needed and therefore application time is slightly longer. Also don't be alarmed when I reach for my detail brush, this helps to create a shiny smooth finish. Put them under a halo light and you will see what I mean!

BIAB can also be infilled so there is no need for the sometimes faffy removal with acetone each time. I would recommend 3 weekly for infills to keep them in tip top condition, Its amazing how your nails grow in those 3 weeks!

Can I have any colour?

Yes! BIAB comes in mainly neutral colours in order to imitate the natural nail however you can add any normal gel polish on top. So feel free to channel your inner Picasso and choose any colour of choice.

So in conclusion BIAB is the stronger version of the gel manicure and particularly good with those who have brittle nails. So start your BIAB journey today and see those nails grow. To book a BIAB manicure at my Northbourne, Bournemouth Salon click below and fill out the feedback form:

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